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Free Power Kung Fu

250 years ago in China, 10 of the most highly respected Masters of 10 different forms of Kung Fu including Tai Chi, Bagua, Chi Gong, Wing Chun, Iron Palm and others put their knowledge together. They wanted to find the core of the martial arts and the fastest, most effective way of training internal power. It took them ten years to condense their knowledge and to create the system. They then trained an orphan boy for ten years in this new way and he condensed the system further. Since then this system has been totally secret.. Until Now!

Level 1: Foundations Of Power

The core of this system is a very fast and unique way to develop true inner power and freedom of movement. The entire body becomes like rubbery steel allowing it to withstand enormous blows without damage and also leading to an ability to release enormous amounts of power and speed at close range and from any part of the body. It becomes natural and no thinking or psyching up is required, the nervous system is transformed. All parts of the body, arms and legs become capable of releasing power in the same way as the one inch punch but with speed and freedom, the body learns to automatically move with POWER!

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Level 2: Steel Hand

Hands become like fast moving steel plates or balls on the ends of rubber whips, arms become like steel bars, fingers like steel rods. This is a truly deadly system.

The steel hand method you will learn here is an evolution above and beyond iron palm and external hand conditioning techniques. This method is much faster and does not lead to any deformities of the hands and does not require any kind of liniments to help the hands to heal. A secret technique means one can practice hard every day and the hands can heal and transform in a very short time leading to much denser and stronger bones, stronger skin, sinews, ligaments and tendons as well as blood vessels.

The hands of an advanced practitioner still look completely normal and no problems will occur in later life, in fact it will reduce your chances of getting arthritis and keep your hands looking and feeling youthful into old age.

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Level 3: Advanced Steel Body

Body conditioning is taken to the highest degree possible. These methods are for advanced practitioners only. At least 6 - 12 months of hard training on the Foundations Of Power is necessary before moving onto Advanced Steel Body training.

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