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Steel Hand

Various styles of martial arts from both Japan and China have used some kind of hand conditioning techniques to both protect the hands from being damaged during combat and to also increase their power and effectiveness as weapons. This conditioning often involved increasing heavy impact training which often leads to the formation of calluses and hard formations on the fingers, knuckles and hand edges. Although it can be very effective this kind of training often leads to deformities of the hands and arthritis in later life.

The most famous Chinese method of hand conditioning is called “Iron Palm” and it is more of an inner method. An advanced practitioner is said to be able to break a horses back with a light slap of the hand. In this method the hands are also conditioned like other methods but special herbal medicines called liniments are used to help the hands to heal and to not become deformed. This method is much slower but is safer and works more on releasing power from the hands rather than just making them into hard and damaging objects. The special liniments can be quite expensive however and the slowness of the process can be a hindrance.

Both of these methods lead to the abilities of breaking bricks, boards and other objects but to break harder objects such as river stones there is often a psyching up that is needed for the practitioner to be able to deliver enough power through their hands. It is also interesting to note that delivering power into a living target such as an advanced martial artist in a real life fighting situation is much different to breaking a brick and often these systems can fall short when it comes to real application.

The steel hand method you will learn here is an evolution above and beyond iron palm and external hand conditioning techniques. This method is much faster and does not lead to any deformities of the hands and does not require any kind of liniments to help the hands to heal. A secret technique means one can practice hard every day and the hands can heal and transform in a very short time leading to much denser and stronger bones, stronger skin, sinews, ligaments and tendons as well as blood vessels. The hands of an advanced practitioner still look completely normal and no problems will occur in later life, in fact it will reduce your chances of getting arthritis and keep your hands looking and feeling youthful into old age.

With this method your hands become like steel plates or balls and your arms like rubber whips able to throw devastating power with no psyching up or need to focus your energy, it becomes completely natural. So when in a real combat situation you do not need to think, any movement you do will be powerful and you will do damage to your opponent wherever you hit them. Whatever you touch you damage, the entire body of an opponent becomes a target even their arms and legs as they attack, so a fast and explosive method of fighting becomes possible. If someone tries to block your attack then you damage whatever they use to block.

The methods you will learn here can be extended to the arms making them like steel bars and even your fingers become like small steel rods capable of diving deep into an opponent’s body without threat of damage to the fingers. When you block someone else’s attack you will naturally do damage to their arms or legs, again, whatever you touch you damage, your arms and hands truly become dangerous weapons which are always ready for action. The training develops a natural and instant power that releases automatically on contact.

Any work you do with these practices is long lasting because it transforms all parts of the hands at a deep level. For example if you practice for a few months and then stop for a year, if you then begin practicing again it will only take a very short time to pick up where you left off because your hands will still be changed, they will not revert to how they were before the training.

This steel hand training can be used by any style of martial artist, it will add a huge amount of power to your existing style so there is no need to change your style or find a new teacher. This being said however it does come from the larger Free Power system and advanced steel body training so you will gain even more from your steel hands if you also train the full system.

The full system is also compatible with any form of martial arts so even if you decide to follow all of the Free Power training you can continue with your old style and integrate the two. The Free Power system creates a core of inner power and body and hand conditioning which can be used in many ways, all styles can benefit from additional power and freedom of movement.

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