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Foundations Of Power

The core of this system is a very fast and unique way to develop true inner power and freedom of movement. The entire body becomes like rubbery steel allowing it to withstand enormous blows without damage and also leading to an ability to release enormous amounts of power and speed at close range and from any part of the body. It becomes natural and no thinking or psyching up is required, the nervous system is transformed. All parts of the body, arms and legs become capable of releasing power in the same way as the one inch punch but with speed and freedom, the body learns to automatically move with POWER!

Bones become like steel and muscles like rubber. "Iron shirt" is taken to a completely new level with this system, the body becomes more like a pressurized steel belted car tire than an iron shirt; an internal pressure that both protects and can explode with power, but even more importantly it is alive and can penetrate into live objects. When hit by any force the force is rebounded back into the opponent. The whole body becomes a weapon able to release power automatically on contact into the opponent.

As well as the physical changes the practices also open up the meridian system flooding the body with chi and leads to a direct cultivation of jing. The health benefits are immense. I could go on but I will leave it for those who wish to learn the secrets.

Foundations of Power is available as an instant download in PDF format. It describes in detail the foundational practices which form the core of this unique and very secret style of Kung Fu. It also contains many short demonstrational videos which makes it a large file (223MB).

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